Doggie Daycare


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Here at The HL our daycare consists of one playgroup of up to 25 dogs of all sizes in one large open space. Daycare is a unique setting and a dog’s reaction can vary. Some fit right in, some take a few visits and others just aren’t fond of the daycare experience - which is okay too, as off leash group play isn’t for everyone. We pride ourselves on being open and honest and offer feedback about your dog’s day with each visit. We also ensure that all dogs are comfortable and enjoying daycare, whether that’s sleeping, playing, or just soaking up the company of the other dogs and our dog loving humans.
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We supply the toys for some entertainment and cozy beds for relaxation and naps.

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Dogs have access to a fully fenced outdoor area for summer pool time and potty breaks.

We make every effort to achieve a cohesive playgroup, provide a high standard of care, and ensure a positive and healthy daycare experience. Being selective with the dogs we approve to attend in general, and in our daily playgroup. We remain small with the direct purpose of maintaining a personalized, relaxed and comfortable environment. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and attentive staff ensure a proper balance of healthy play and downtime, focusing on respectful behavior and over all well-being. Safety and comfort are our highest priorities.

Great candidates for daycare:

Dogs who want to play, relax and hang out in a social setting. Doggie parents will appreciate picking up a tired and happy dog
Dogs who are already friendly and comfortable around dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Dogs with limited social skills and/or are fearful or anxious around other dogs can find the daycare experience too overwhelming
Dogs who don’t mind being away from their parents. Dogs with separation and/or isolation anxiety might not be distracted or settle in appropriately

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